Ollie Henderson on How the History of the Miniskirt Is a Tale of Sexual Revolution

Fashion is often seen as the icing on the cake, the adornment to our pre-existing lives, but fashion is so much more than embellishment. Fashion reflects and informs our society’s culture. It is our aspirations, our conformity, our individuality, our politics and so much more.

Nothing demonstrates the mirroring of society through fashion more than the miniskirt. The evolution of the miniskirt is a tale of post-wartime austerity, sexual liberation and youth rebellion.

Online abuse is everywhere, so how do we deal with it?

Being a woman, gendered and sexual harassment is almost a daily occurrence, if I were trans or non-binary it would be worse still. But what happens when harassment occurs online?

Offline harassment has measures in place to protect people against such acts. You can report work place abuse, tell a bouncer to kick out the creep or make a report to the police. But online harassment doesn’t seem to have the same measures, or if it does they are rarely enforced.