Here’s the thing. 

Being different offers you a certain freedom, in the sense that you aren’t required to give the same fucks as everyone else. As much as this schism can cause pain, you can also find freedom in being the exception. Alternate ways of living. Open-ended identities. Travelling without maps. 

Sometimes you’ll have to fight for your place. For any place. For any tiny bit of space. Life can be a struggle. There are battles. There are wars. You could find yourself fighting with a viciousness that leaves you foaming at the mouth. Sometimes it's good though, sometimes, looking at your face in the mirror, you come to love who you are. If you’re feeling an egoistic pain you might fall in love with the world's hostility towards you - simply because it highlights just how damn special you are. Or, you could see the freedom of it all instead. 

You could find the romanticism in it. Then revel in it.

I’m saying that being queer offers you a certain latitude, because there’s no designated life path. No blueprints. No template. 

It’s all up to you, and that’s a beautiful freedom.