i-D - Sydney is Respectfully Fighting For its Right to Party

Ollie Henderson is the inspiring activist behind the socially conscious art collective House of Riot. She's a positive figure and role model with a clear voice in an environment of often cluttered communication. Consistently spreading their message via the distinctive, custom-made protest t-shirts you've probably seen, House of Riot have now joined forces with the youth-led platform Vibewire, to hold a series of interactive panels in the lead up to next year's federal election.

There aren't many legitimate platforms where young people can express their thoughts and opinions in an environment that offers the promise of real change, but this definitely promises to be one. Called the On The Floor series, each gathering will focus on a unique, relevant issue. The first one is on the crucial topic of the future of Sydney's nightlife and given the recent imposition of 'lock out laws', it's likely to be a subject that people feel strongly about.

Eastside FM - Podcast: Future of Sydney's Nightlife

With the newly imposed lock-out laws, smoking, license and live music restrictions and of course the standard drug laws, Sydney’s cultural nightlife is changing, and fast. What’s it going to look like in 4 years – and what would we want it to look like?

This podcast is an interview with Ollie Henderson from House of Riot which is presenting a forum to facilitate discussion about the Future of Sydney’s Nightlife.

2ser - On The Floor: The Future of Sydney's Night Life

The nature of Sydney's once loved nightlife is rapidly evolving right before our eyes. Whether it be the CBD's lockout laws, Newtown's self imposed lockout laws or live music limitations - our city is undergoing a dramatic change.

House of Riot in partnership with Vibewire has decided to do something about it! They've developed a pilot event series, On the Floor, which tackles issues faced by young Australians. Kicking it off is a discussion on 'The Future of Sydney's Nightlife'. 

To tell us more, we were joined on the line by Ollie Henderson, founder of House of Riot. 

The Awesome Foundation - On The Floor

House of Riot is an extended art project fuelled by political frustration. It began at Australian Fashion Week 2014 when founder Ollie Henderson hand painted 100 t-shirts with positive messages, and has grown from a creative project to a not-for-profit social enterprise. It’s our mission to bring about social change through creative expression and to encourage young people to take action on the issues that they care about.

On The Floor is our inaugural event series launching in October. Running bimonthly in the lead up to the federal election, each OTF event will bring together 5 panelists to debate an issue young Australians care about. OTF will run in the same format as ABC’s Q&A, with a focus on engaging youth audiences across the political spectrum.

The Vocal - The "Sexual Violence Won't Be Silenced" Campaign Is Kicking Arse On The Internet

Recently some friends of mine were posting vehemently about an incident of online harassment. Except this time it had happened to one of their friends and they were speaking up about it. I couldn’t see the original post that set everything off, only their powerful cries against it. I can’t help but think that this is a good thing. There are already enough depressing stories and disturbing images plastered all over the internet, buried in a sea of negativity. We need to see more positive stories of empowerment emerging. 

This should be what makes news headlines.