Milk Made - Ollie Henderson on Mean Girls and an All Girls Stooges Band

Ollie Henderson sits with her elbow on the table, leaning close to her laptop screen in the study of her flat. The morning sun is shining through the window behind her, along with the rack of clothing that she eventually picks through to show me one T shirt she made to stave off an ex. The white tee proudly displays a play on a Mean Girls quote saying, 'You Cunt Sit With Us,' in bright red paint as she giggles at the ridiculousness of its existence. Her hair is tied back in a neat pony tail and she looks effortlessly put together, even though its 9am. She asks me first about myself, my major, my interests, despite the context of the interview, but that's exactly the king of genuine curiosity and enthusiasm many have come to enjoy about the Aussie native. 

Article by Jordan Mack