i-D - Sydney is Respectfully Fighting For its Right to Party

Ollie Henderson is the inspiring activist behind the socially conscious art collective House of Riot. She's a positive figure and role model with a clear voice in an environment of often cluttered communication. Consistently spreading their message via the distinctive, custom-made protest t-shirts you've probably seen, House of Riot have now joined forces with the youth-led platform Vibewire, to hold a series of interactive panels in the lead up to next year's federal election.

There aren't many legitimate platforms where young people can express their thoughts and opinions in an environment that offers the promise of real change, but this definitely promises to be one. Called the On The Floor series, each gathering will focus on a unique, relevant issue. The first one is on the crucial topic of the future of Sydney's nightlife and given the recent imposition of 'lock out laws', it's likely to be a subject that people feel strongly about.