Artist Collaboration - Jodee Knowels 

Jodee Knowels was our first artist collaborator. She created 3 original images for House of Riot. She also created a 3-storey high mural in solidarity and support with the homeless community. The mural can be found at Atchison Ln, Sydney, Australia. Check out her other works here


On Thursday the 21st of May, The House of Riot founder, Ollie Henderson, took to the stage at the Sydney Opera House with other fellow young change makers, thinkers, innovators, activists, entrepreneurs, and go-getters between the ages of 16 and 26 to share ideas.

Ollie's Talk discusses the oft-overlooked ability of the fashion industry to shape and change societal norms, adjust societal perspective on accepted cultural practices and shift attitudes. Key figures throughout the history of fashion and the subsequent social effect of their contributions to the industry are major points; and the transformative nature of these effects are illustrated via highlighting a timeline from the inception of the idea, e.g. Vivienne Westwood's punk aesthetic, or the resulting effect, i.e., the adoption of progressive attitudes across society. 


Beyonce Dance Class

On Tuesday the 16th of December, The House of Riot hosted a Beyonce, 'Run The World' dance class with proceeds going towards saving The Great Barrier Reef. Sydney Siders were invited to learn the moves of 'Run The World' under professional dancer and Beyonce enthusiast Amrita. The House of Riot class got their beginners crash course into the wonderful gyrating shoulder poppin' world of Beyonce. With proceeds going towards saving our Great Barrier Reef, rioters got down with some bootylicious moves and left with a good conscience. 

Coal mining is going to make its mark on the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, with work set to commence early next year. The Great Barrier Reef is under great threat of irreversible damage caused by the expansion of coal mines in Queensland. The Hose of Riot and Amrita believe it is time to take a stand and hold accountable those with intention to allow such extensive destruction to take place in one of Australia's greatest landmarks.

Climate Change Protest 

Join us and The Future on the 9th of August to ask the Australian Government to take action on Climate Change. 

 Image from Georgie Wright 

Image from Georgie Wright 


Start the Riot t-shirts

This is where it all began.

Australian fashion week 2014 Ollie Henderson hand made 100 t-shirts with positive political slogans on them for her friends and colleges to wear during the event. The aim was to encourage young people to be politically aware and involved. This sparked a massive response from the press locally and internationally.

The t-shirts are now available for purchase in our shop with 20% of profits going to charity or you can read further about the project in our press page

 Photo by Romain Duquesne

Photo by Romain Duquesne


The Future

House of Riot is now working closely with The Future in building awareness on climate change action and working towards pressuring our governments to take action on our behalf to reduce the effects of climate change. This is their manifesto...

The future is here.
The storm is now.

We stand on the brink of climate catastrophe: of ecological devastation, of flooding, drought, disease, famine and war.

It is time for us to act.

Our politicians have been bought off and they are scared. We are the resistance. We are done with doing as we are told.

It is time to make them hear us: to stand our ground non-violently. To dismantle the system and protect the living.

We are free citizens not consumers. We are so much more than the powerless customer the system needs to fill its gut. We are the generation who are going to get fucked over in a way no generation has in the past.

It is time for us to rise.

We burn with boredom for the status quo.
We are the culture hackers, the crackers, the disruptors, the now. We are the passion of the age The watchers The ones who see that the future is here.

The storm is now.
And we are ready.

We are fury, resistance and hope. We are the future. Join us.

 Mean Girls

Mean Girls


Baddies Burn Book

Inspired by Tina Fey's genius writing in the pop culture hit Mean Girls House of Riot have made their own Burn Book to name and shame global baddies and their wrong doing. Check it out here.


One Girl

House of Riot is now a Business Crusader for One Girl. A Melbourne based organisation set on educating every girl in the world. The empowerment of women builds a stronger world for us all. 

 Photo by Liz Ham

Photo by Liz Ham


 #StartTheRiot Zine

#StartTheRiot was the first Zine of the House of Riot. It was bought out during Australian Fashion Week 2014, highlighting current political issues and how people can get involved. Check it out here

  Photo by Romain Duquesne

Photo by Romain Duquesne


Start The Riot Facebook Group

House of Riot host a Facebook group where people can discuss current political issue and what to do about them.