In Brief 

House of Riot is a Sydney based not-for-profit aimed at getting young people engaged with political issues. We do this though improving accessibility and promoting activism through creative mediums. Our main work comprises of our fashion label, artist collaborations, zine and events.  


The Story


House of Riot is an extended art project fuelled by political frustration. It began at Australian Fashion Week 2014 when founder Ollie Henderson hand painted 100 t-shirts with positive messages that focused on equality, openness, care for the environment, unity and freedom. These were distributed to both members of the industry and the public in a bid to start productive conversations about social change in Australia. 

These t-shirts captured the attention of global media for their unique and creative engagement of fashion and politics. They were featured in US Vogue, Us Harper’s Bazaar, French Elle, Brazilian Elle, Nylon Japan, Style.com and arange of other fashion based media. They are now stocked internationally in Patricia Field and B-Space in New York and in Tuchuzy, Sydney with 20% of t-shirt sales donated to charity. Each shirt slogan represents the cause of the organisation that these donations go to. 


House of Riot has grown from a creative project to a not-for-profit social enterprise. We have developed strong relationships with the charitable organisations we work with including Oxfam Australia,
One Girl and The Global Cool Foundation.

This year we were invited to speak at TEDxYouth, FastBREAK (part of the National Change Makers Festival) and the UTS Rotaract Club on the power of fashion to bring about positive social change and innovative ways to be an activist. 

In addition to forming direct relationships with charity organisations and speaking at events, House of Riot regularly runs a program that provides local artists with the opportunity to use their skills to produce projects that engage and educate young people about a variety of social and political issues. These included a public mural by Jodee Knowels in St Leonards, Sydney on Homelessness, Lisa Twomey’s fashion based works on social imprisonment at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra and Amrita Hepi’s developing dance works on the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef.

House of Riot’s business model allows our audience to openly engage in, express and educate themselves about issues that matter to them while at the same time helping to fund organisations that are directly addressing those issues.

It’s our mission is to continue to bring about social change through creative expression and to encourage young people to take action on the issues that they care about.






House of Riot provides young people with both the means and the confidence to engage in and speak up about the social changes they believe in. 

We are a youth-run organisation for young people interested in building a community around positive activism. 

Our goal is to inspire young people to partake in bringing about positive social change in their communities and then giving them the opportunities and platforms to do so.

  • Promoting the importance of youth involvement in social change. 
  • Fairness and equality for all regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or economic status. 

  • Accessible education for young people on political issues.

  • Positive non-violent activism 

  • Building community around social change based in creativity and the arts

  • We believe in the power of artistic practice to bring about positive social change and to speak to a wider audience.We address this through fashion, dance, music,and visual art.



Ethical work place

House of Riot is committed to an ethical work place and 100% transparency. Everyone involved with House of Riot is treated fairly and with respect. This includes ethical and sustainable garment manufacturing. 


We are committed to supplying free education targeted at young people on political happenings of Australia and the world.  We achieve this though our Zine’s, blog and Facebook page. 

Creative Output

We believe in the power of artistic practice to bring about positive social change and to speak to a wider audience. We address this through fashion, dance, music, and visual art. 

Community involvement

We give opportunity for the community to be involved through activating individuals and groups to create their own social change.